The Importance of Independence Day

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Let’s face it: Times are tough right now for a lot of Americans, and it may feel hard for some to be patriotic. As Independence Day soon approaches, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed by the logistics of celebrations and take a moment to be reminded of what it’s truly all about.

First, it’s important to recognize that people are continuously trying to “cancel” the holiday. Many on the left have opted to no longer celebrate our nation’s founding, as they believe it only honors the creation of an oppressive system.

For example, look no further than the Pima County Democratic Party’s Twitter page, where the Woman’s March announced a “F*ck the Fourth” event in Tuscon, Arizona, on Monday night. Although it’s not exactly surprising, it is disheartening. Patriotism should be for both Democrats and Republicans, and for an official local political party to throw up a middle finger at the holiday is not going to move the country forward.

The original tweet was deleted, but here’s a screengrab:

Of course, America’s history is far from perfect, but that’s almost the whole point of Independence Day in the first place.

The Great American Experiment is just that–an experiment. A work in progress that has miraculously held strong since 1776. The nation’s beginning had a bloody start, yet it has withstood everything from the War of 1812, the Civil War, and two World Wars.

I, like many of you, was raised with the understanding that in the U.S., you could be anything you wanted to drive positive change in your community. I’m reminded of people like my grandfather, who worked tirelessly in his small town’s parks department for 57 years to assure a brighter future for his wife, children, and grandchildren. A lot of the work he did was hands-on, which brought a literal meaning to the concept of planting roots. He truly embodied the American dream, and I’m sure many others could relate to that story.

Both personally and societally, difficult times are guaranteed, but the experiment still keeps going. Inflation is crippling America’s financial health right now, among other economic factors. Still, Americans must continue to value equality of opportunity over equality of outcome.

Maybe you go all out for Independence Day, or you prefer watching fireworks shows on television. Whatever it is that you do to celebrate, it’s meaningless unless you consider why. For two and a half centuries, Americans have fought and died to preserve the Great American Experiment, and it all started with a brave group of men willing to take a chance for their community. They saw both an injustice toward their people and the potential for a brighter future that could only be unlocked by freedom.

Happy 246th Birthday, America. May you continue to be the land of opportunity for generations to come.



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