Amash Ready to Vote for Articles of Impeachment

Former Republican Congressman Justin Amash said Friday that he is ready to vote for articles of impeachment against President Trump: obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice and abuse of power.


Amash told CNN’s Manu Raju he’s ready to vote for three articles of impeachment: obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Amash waffled a little also telling Raju he wants to see the final language before ultimately deciding:


Amash, who has represented Michigan’s 3rd congressional district since 2011, left the Republican Party in July of this year after clashing with President Trump and Republicans over the Mueller Report’s so-called findings. He is now one of three “Independent” members of Congress along with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Maine Senator Angus King.

In October, Amash joined the House Democrats in a partisan vote to formalize impeachment proceedings

Amash still refuses to rule out running against President Trump in 2020.


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