FBI Investigating Antifa Violent Criminal Activity

FBI director Christopher Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee, that the FBI is investigating people “motivated to commit violent criminal activity” by “Antifa ideology.”


The revelation was made during the Committee’s hearing on “World Wide Threats: Keeping America Secure in the New Age of Terror.” According to the statement of Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), that includes domestic terror attacks and violence ignited by anyone else who preaches prejudice.

According to the Washington Examiner, Director Wray told the committee members that investigators are probing people animated by “kind of an Antifa ideology”:

We do have a very active domestic terrorism program. And while we’re not investigating Antifa as Antifa — that’s an ideology and we don’t investigate ideologies — we are investigating a number of what we would call anarchist-extremist investigations where we have properly predicated subjects of people who are motivated to commit violent criminal activity on kind of an Antifa ideology.

Wray also revealed that the FBI has about 1,000 open domestic terror investigations, but emphasized that the investigations are based on threat — not of them are focused on “ideology, opinion, or rhetoric,” which could run afoul of the First Amendment and freedom of expression issues.


The extreme left-wing Antifa came to the fore during the presidential campaign as the Trump campaign emerged. After President Trump’s election, the Antifa activists locked onto his supporters as their primary target.

We learned in September that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI formally classified the activities of the anarchist Alt-Left extremist group Antifa as “domestic terrorist violence.”

The Antifa is poorly named. The term is said to stand for “anti-facists, but as we have previously reported, “Antifa are the fascists.”



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