Joe Scarborough: Antifa Are the Fascists


During Monday’s edition of “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, after seeing coverage of this weekend’s Antifa violence in Berkeley, concluded that Antifa are the real fascists.


After showing video of  black-clad and masked Antifa beating Trump supporters and anyone they thought looks like a “Nazi.” Scarborough there’s nothing anti-fascist about the Alt-left ‘s so-called Antifa:

This is an ongoing problem, in Berkeley especially, where members of the far-left are using violence to shut down free speech and . . . shut down demonstrators . . .

They’re fascists in their behavior, aren’t they? There’s nothing anti-fascist about that.

Scarborough went on to call out the City of Berkeley for their failure to protect free speech:

Who is running Berkeley, and why can’t they protect free speech? What’s your problem in Berkeley? Why can’t you protect free speech?

Morning Joe panel member, Axios reporter Jonathan Swan,  wondered what would become of these “mentally-stunted snowflakes” once the leave college:


Who wants to hire a child who is so offended by all of these things they’re going to encounter?

Scarborough went on to explain that this is why Democrats have become “so disconnected,” because too many of them live in a “bubble.”

You can watch the whole exchange in the following video:

The there is nothing there’s nothing anti-fascist about Antifa can be found at about the 1:50 mark and the mentally-stunted snowflakes comment can be found at about the 4:50 mark.


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