Cruz Supports Revised Senate Healthcare Bill


The Washington Examiner reports that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, announced Thursday that he will support the Senate healthcare bill in its current form after a new draft included a new version of an amendment he’s been pushing:


I think this new bill represents a substantial improvement over the previous version, and there are several changes that significantly improve our ability to reduce premiums.

Cruz acknowledged that the bill is not a full repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, and said that while he preferred a clean repeal vote, there are not the votes for that to take place.

In another article the Washington Examiner reported that the new version of the Senate healthcare bill does not include the amendment from Sens. Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee of Utah. Instead  it includes a provision that’s based on the Cruz/Lee idea.

Under the original proposal, an insurer that offered a plan that met all of ObamaCare’s requirements in a state could then offer any additional plans free of the regulations. Under the new bill a fund would be set up to help cover those with higher medical costs, but to access the money, an insurer would have to offer at least one compliant plan. At that point, the insurer can offer plans that get around nine Obamacare mandates.

If they can get the votes, the Republicans are going to bailout ObamaCare instead of repealing it like they promised they would do over and over and over again.


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