Democrats Outspend GOP in GA6


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that an analysis it conducted finds that Democrats have outspent Republicans in the runoff phase of Georgia’s 6th District special election to succeed now-HHS Secretary Tom Price. In the runoff former Georgia Secretary of State Republican Karen Handel is battling ex-congressional aide Democrat Jon Ossoff.


Since the April 18 primary, “about $21 million spent or reserved for advertising. National Democratic groups and Ossoff’s campaign have combined for about $11.3 million of that spending – the vast majority on a flood of broadcast TV ads.” Meanwhile, “Republicans have poured in nearly $10 million into the runoff so far”:

The contest, by far the most expensive U.S. House race in the nation’s history, has now cost more than $36 million overall.

According to the Journal-Constitution, the total cost of the race is expected to top $40 million.

Here’s how the Journal-Constitution breaks down the spending so far:

Ossoff’s campaign has now spent or reserved $7.3 million in broadcast, cable and radio ads through the vote. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pumped in another $3.6 million, and the left-leaning House Majority PAC has spent about $250,000.

Republicans have poured in nearly $10 million into the runoff so far, though only a fraction has come from Handel’s campaign. She launched her first TV ad of the runoff two weeks ago, focusing on her experience in the district, and has spent or reserved about $1.7 million in ads. Most has gone to spots on broadcast TV and Fox News.

GOP groups have rushed to try to fill the void. The National Republican Congressional Committee has laid out more than $4.1 million and the Congressional Leadership Fund – which has close ties to House Speaker Paul Ryan – doled out $2.8 million. The U.S. Chamber put in about $1 million.


Meanwhile the Washington Times reports that during a Tuesday appearance on CNN, Ossoff refused to say whether the contest is “a referendum on President Trump’s policy decisions.” Ossoff is being too coy here. The Democrats are doing everything they can to nationalize this race which means they must make it a referendum on President Trump.

As we reported yesterday, early voting in the GA6 June 20 runoff began yesterday and continues through June 16.


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