Watch John Podesta Deny Huma Being Scapegoated

Huma Abedin

Sounds like our article reporting on Hillary Clinton and company getting ready to throw Huma under Hillary’s campaign bus as the sacrificial lamb to be blamed for Hillary’s latest email scandal hit a nerve.


During Sunday’s edition CNN’s “State of the Union,” Hillary’s presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta was asked if by Jake Tapper if Huma Abedin, vice-chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and long time body woman for Hillary, was still part of the campaign. You can watch Podesta’s answer in the following video clip:

Transcript of the video clip:

TAPPER: She came off the campaign trail on Saturday. Is she still part of the campaign?
PODESTA: Of course. Yes.
TAPPER: Is she still working on the campaign?

Yes, absolutely. She’s been — she’s played a central and vital role in this campaign. And she continues to do that and continues to do her work running our overall scheduling and advance operation, being a confidant to senior people in the campaign, and traveling with Hillary. She doesn’t travel every day, but she travels frequently with her.

Podesta’s response wasn’t a definitive denial that Huma might serve as a sacrificial lab offered up on the altar of Hillary’s ambition. But maybe it will put Huma at ease as her lawyers deal with the FBI as they review the hundreds of thousands of the newly revealed emails.


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