Republican Strategist Predicts Yuge Electoral Victory

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During appearance on Wednesday’s edition MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican strategist Steve Schmidt predicted that Hillary Clinton could win more than 400 Electoral College votes.


Asked by Joe Scarborough What’s the over-under on a possible electoral college victory for Clinton? Schmidt replied, “I think she’s trending over 400.” In the continuing exchange Schmidt also predicted the Democrats will regain control of the Senate and maybe even the House of Representatives:

Scarborough: Over 400?

Schmidt: Yes.

Scarborough: So Democrats take the Senate?

Schmidt: Yes.

Scarborough: Democrats take the House?

Schmidt: Close.

Scarborough: They could take it?

Schmidt: If the election were today, I think the Republicans are down 25 seats, as of today, with the trend line going in the wrong direction.


Schmidt finished his recitation of good news by saying “the panic is beginning.”

It could still get worse. Well funded Hillary supporting Democrat Super PACs, like Priorities USA, will begin focusing on the Congress because Trump is slipping further and further behind Hillary in the polls. Donald Trump’s lackluster ground game, his near-absence of TV ads, and Trump’s habit of attacking Republican candidates, make it extremely unlikely that Trump can turn things around. His last realistic chance to do that was last night’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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