Hillary Cancels Events with Sanders Over Basement Dwellers (Video)

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

The Washington Examiner reports that Hillary Clinton has canceled joint appearances with her former primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders after Sanders admitted that it bothered him that Hillary seemed to be talking down to his supporters during a closed door fundraising affair in February, when she referred to them as basement dwellers. Sanders made the comment during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Sunday:


Asked if those comments bothered him, Sanders said: “Of course it does, but we are in the middle of a campaign … If you go to some of the statements I made about Hillary Clinton, we have real differences.”

Sanders went on to emphasize that he and Hillary have been able to work together since Hillary won the nomination:

What Secretary Clinton and I have done since the election, since the primary nominating process, we have worked together in a number of areas.

It was all too much for the thin-skinned Hillary. According to the Examiner, Hillary and Bernie were scheduled to appear together Monday. But now after his comment, Sanders will appear in Iowa and Wisconsin on Monday without Hillary. So much for the Democrats’ attempt to win over Millennials with their phony public show of  solidarity on the campaign trail.

On CNN’s “Inside Politics,” the Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich said the basement dwellers comments shows that Hillary is “two-faced” when talking about Sanders supporters. And Fox News’ Neil Cavuto calls Hillary’s basement dwellers comments her Mitt Romney moment — referring to Romney’s  47 percent comments. Watch the following YouTube clip:

HILLARY CLINTON: There is just a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care. That what we have done hasn’t gone far enough and we just need to go, you know, as far as Scandinavia. Whatever that means.

They’re children of the Great Recession and they are living in their parents’ basement. And so if you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista or, you know, some other job that doesn’t pay a lot and doesn’t have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing.


Hillary’s basement dwellers dissing of Sanders supporters is becoming as is becoming as infamous as her calling Trump supporters a basket of deplorables.




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