Check Out Their Johnson (Video)


The good folks at Republicans for Johnson/Weld have released a terrific and attention grabbing new web ad: Check Out My Johnson!  Some might find it a bit too “progressive” or forward, but this is the 2016 presidential campaign. Normal rules do not apply. The web-only ad will target younger voters in select Mountain West and Northeastern states, as well as Virginia.

Just watch the video:

 Here is a transcript, in case you can’t believe what you think you just heard.
I want to talk to you about my Johnson, my Johnson, my Johnson.
My Johnson doesn’t discriminate. Well. maybe except against Vladimir Putin.
My Johnson works hard.
My Johnson is strong and experienced.
My Johnson gets the best ratings.
My Johnson loves freedom.
My Johnson is not all talk and no action.
My Johnson sends a thrill up my leg and then some.
My Johnson sticks up to bullies.
All the ladies love my Johnson.
Johnson will stay out of your wallet, out of your bedroom and out of your emails.
Check out my Johnson.

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