Plead The Hillary and Get Out of Jail Free

Hillary Clinton Debate

Former New York Republican Congressman, former US Ambassador under President Ronald Reagan, Conservative thinker and Red State follower, Fred J. Eckert, has some concerns about the F.B.I.’s decision not to recommend criminal indictments for Hillary Clinton that most folks seem to have missed.

Ambassador Eckert has been telling friends that while we are all aware of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, the bewildering “Free Hillary’” decision exposes something we never knew about and everyone else is overlooking:

The FBI is clearly guilty of carelessness – some might say gross negligence, which is pretty much the same thing – for its failure to publicly reveal its Least Wanted list

“Think about this,” says Ambassador Eckert: “Someone who spots a certain fugitive named Robert William Fisher might recall seeing his image on a poster identifying him as # 1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and turn him in. Yet Hillary Clinton was hiding in plain sight even though most Americans knew without anyone’s having to tell them that she should be prosecuted for her offenses. Now what does this really show?”

Hillary Least Wanted Poster

Right. It reveals that the FBI has not only a Most Wanted list but also a Least Wanted list and that Hillary Rodham Clinton was and remains the # 1 Least Wanted. The feds need to be more transparent. They need to help clear up at least some of the confusion caused by this faulty decision to allow Hillary to escape without penalty and here’s the best way to do this:  issue everyone else a “Hillary Clinton Get Out of Jail Free” card.

Ambassador Eckert says such a card would allow others to plead the Hillary:

It should list all the crimes most Americans realize Clinton should have been charged with. Anyone else who has done no more than what she did could then ‘Plead The Hillary’ by showing a particular crime’s appearance among the list on my proposed “Hillary Clinton Get Out of Jail Free” card and, in the spirit of equal justice under the law, escape charges just like Hillary Clinton did.

Get Out of Jail Card

Having such a handy reminder of what she got away with would be a great help for anyone else who wishes to put the national security of our county in jeopardy. I’m sure anyone working for her would want one.

Retired career Foreign Service Officer Russell J. Surber responded to Ambassador Eckert’s remarkable insights by producing the suggested poster to help create greater awareness of the until-now secret Least Wanted category and also created this suggested design for the “Hillary Clinton Get Out of Jail Free” card.