Will the House Investigate the Democrats' Impudent Gun Control Sit-In?


House officials will decide this week whether to conduct a formal investigation of the behavior of Democrats during their rule breaking Occupy the House sit-in seeking even more futile gun control laws:


McCarthy said that Democrats, who seized and held the floor most of June 22 and June 23, chanting and broadcasting their demonstration through social media, “went beyond the rules” on several fronts and that he thinks some form of punishment may be needed.

“We expect members of Congress to adhere to the rules and decorum,” McCarthy said, suggesting that broadcasting their protest clearly broke rules and that fundraising pitches based on the sit-in might have crossed ethical lines. He also said that he has been told that some Democrats were abusive toward the nonpartisan staff members who serve the chamber and who were trying to do their jobs but were obstructed by lawmakers who had formed a sit-in around their desks in the well of the chamber.

“If that is true, what’s gone on, action has to be taken,” McCarthy said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, of course, denounced the call for an investigation.


House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will meet with House sergeant-at-arms, Paul D. Irving, the top law enforcement officer of the chamber, to review the situation and determine whether a formal investigation should occur. According to McCarthy, rather than Occupying the House with their improper sit-in stunt, Democrats could have used proper House procedures to get votes on their bills.

Good for the House GOP leadership. I guess we now know why we did not hear anything today about the Congressional Black Caucus’ call to Occupy the House again on Tuesday


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