Trump Foils Hillary's Veterans Trap


Most of the media coverage of Donald Trump’s veterans news conference, was actually about the Donald throwing one one his infamous Trumpertantrums, during which he called the media sleazy liars. You might think this would have played right into the carefully laid trap set by Hillary and the biased media wing of the Democrats’ Party. CNN reported that Hillary’s campaign planned a “multi-pronged communications effort to trash Donald Trump’s record on veterans’ issues” hoping to “subvert” Trump’s veterans news conference:


The campaign will host a national press call, release statements and unleash surrogates in key battleground states armed with talking points and opposition research to highlight Trump’s past disparaging remarks about veterans, his Veterans Administration reform plans, and his months-long refusal to fully account for the funds he raised in January for veterans’ charities, according to plans the Clinton campaign shared with CNN.

The plan is the Clinton campaign’s most targeted effort yet to disrupt a Trump-organized event that the billionaire hopes will earn him hours of free — and largely positive — media time. . . . The effort Tuesday will be an early test of whether the Clinton team’s more traditional campaign and communications outfit can scramble Trump’s unprecedented dominance of — and heavy reliance on — free media coverage.

The trap included press conferences with strategically placed surrogates in battleground states, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida and Colorado — each with at least one vet, to press the case that Trump has not been a positive force for veterans.

But Trump played by his rules and turned his news conference into an attack on the media which is be music to the ears of Trump supporters and will drown out the Hillary criticism. This is one of the successful techniques that Trump uses to continually dominate the news coverage. It is part of the reason Trump refuses to change his campaign style that so many find offensive, unpresidential and unacceptable for a presidential candidate.

In another article, published this evening, CNN reported that Hillary is trying to mount an aggressive effort to confront Trump by zeroing in on individual issues, starting with housing and veterans’ care, and hitting the Donald  with these new coordinated “flood the zone” attacks. The Clinton campaign is even taking extraordinary step of making Hillary more available for interviews. According to CNN, Hillary’s new Trump attack plan isn’t working:

As for the effectiveness of Clinton’s new strategy, the early results are mixed.

Hillary is just a terrible candidate who can’t even manage to finish off her admitted Socialist primary opponent.


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