No Donald, the Process is Not Crooked (with video)

Rethink Trump

Now that Donald Trump will likely enter the Republican National Convention without a majority of pledged delegates, he is attempting to make it politically untenable for a majority of the delegates to choose someone else to be the GOP nominee. He is doing so in a very dangerous way.

Calling the process, rigged, crooked, and corrupt, as the Donald does, dangerous. It delegitimizes the process. And thereby further bleeds away the consent of the governed.
So I was pleased to come across the following two minute video in which Tara Setmayer makes the case for the process by which we select our presidential nominees:


Tara, with that in mind, you that the rhetoric about the system been rigged is like playing with fire. Why is that?
Yeah because you know these are… Yes political parties are not in the Constitution.
But the Constitution did put checks and balances in when nominating the president …  Well when selecting the president United States for a reason.
Because they wanted to make sure that the best interest of the country, even the smaller states were represented.
That it wasn’t just much majority rule in everything.
So you have primaries on the state and local level and the Electoral College on the national level.
So there was some thought put into that.
And is much as the founding fathers didn’t necessarily want political parties, it was human nature for  quote factions to develop, because of differences in in world view.
So these are institutions that have been in place since the founding of this country.
And the caucus system started with town hall meetings and town meetings New England, in colonial New England.
And it evolved into the caucus system that we see even now today from the 1820s.
So when you start criticizing the system that has been in place, these institutions that have been in place for hundreds of years now.
It starts to, really starts to question the whole foundation of our country and what we’re doing.
So that leads to anarchy.
When you have this many people were looking at institutions that have worked for the most part in this country, in the great experiment that is the United States.
Now we’re going after those very foundations.
I think that can lead to something very dangerous.
I think what Donald Trump is doing is going after the foundation of this country.
All the way down to criticizing delegates, who are citizens.
A lot of these delegates are citizen people, activists who are stakeholders in in in their democracy, in their community, in their parties.
And he’s criticizing their integrity.
And I think that’s unfair.
Are there problems? Yes.
Could we reform certain things? Sure.
But it’s the state governments are the ones who let the parties do the nominating process.
And that’s under Article II of the Constitution.
So it’s quite democratic if you pay attention.

That’s not a bad rebuttal to lying Don’s balderdash about the system being rigged, crooked and corrupt.

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