Don't Stereotype Trump Supporters


The Washington Examiner reports that Carly Fiorina warns Republican voters against labeling Donald Trump’s supporters as racist or xenophobic — arguing that it’s a “mistake” to do so and stereotype, or paint Trump’s voters with “a broad brush”:


It is really easy to paint all of Trump’s supporters with a big, wide brush. Just like it’s really easy to paint other groups with a big, wide brush, and it’s always a mistake. I know some Trump voters, and they’re not xenophobic, and they’re not racists, and they’re not backwoods. Now I happen to profoundly disagree with them.

Ultimately, this nation is going to happen to be unified around the things that we all agree upon. It’s actually why I ran for president, because what we all agree on is that the system isn’t working. In a way, I think there are a lot of Bernie Sanders voters who are voting because they are so angry at the system. I think one of the reasons there is a lack of enthusiasm is because a lot of voters understand she [Hillary Clinton] is the system.

Rather than paint someone’s supporters with a broad brush, what I will continue to do is challenge the candidate, whether that’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on who they are.


Fiorina is exactly right on this. In recent discussions with attendees at Trump campaign events, Fiorina’s advice rings true. They point out that Trump supporters are just a cross section of Americans no different than the rest of us. It was specifically stated that there were no racists or other bigots noticed at the Trump events they attended.

You might disagree with Trump supporters’ candidate choice but don’t denigrate them for that. Do as Fiorina does and challenge Trump the candidate and what he says and stands for. Do not paint the Donald’s supporters with a broad brush.


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