Bush Staffers Looking For Work

By DonkeyHotey via Flickr Creative Commons https://goo.gl/XjaVFP

By DonkeyHotey via Flickr Creative Commons https://goo.gl/XjaVFP

Even as the Jeb Bush campaign announced Jeb’s post-South Carolina schedule in an all too obvious attempt to tamp down reports that Jeb would finally throw in the towel, Politico reveals that Bush campaign staff are a shopping their resumes with Florida political consultants anticipating that their candidate won’t push on after South Carolina:


“I can unequivocally tell you that people are looking for work, because they say they’ve been led to believe that they won’t have a job because the campaign won’t be around any longer or their jobs won’t because the campaign won’t have any money,” said one Republican who helps run one of the Florida campaigns.

[. . .]

“The people who work in the campaign business aren’t stupid. They can read the polls,” said a third Republican consultant who backs Rubio and is involved with another Florida campaign. “A month ago, we had conversations with people and no one was interested. Now they are. They’re calling us asking ‘Hey, want to talk? I think I’m going to be free on Monday.’All those people work for Jeb.”

According to Politico the calls picked up Wednesday after Rubio was endorsed by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Bush didn’t handle Haley’s endorsement very well.

Bush hasn’t been the best presidential candidate. There were times when he couldn’t get out of his own way, like when he gave four different answers in five days to whether, in hindsight, he would have supported the Iraq war. A question he should have expected and been prepared to answer.

It’s time Bush realized what the Fox News national  poll released Thursday confirmed, voters are suffering from “dynasty fatigue” — 52 percent of voters say they are tired of Clintons running for president and 59 percent feel that way about the Bush family.



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