Group Backing Ted Cruz Drops $2 Million On Advertising And Field Operations For Nevada Caucuses

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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The New York Times reports that the Sen. Ted Cruz supporting Super PAC Keep the Promise I, is spending  $573,000 to air two television ads in Nevada ahead of the Republican Caucuses on Feb. 23, two days after the South Carolina GOP Primary. The ads are mostly positive, focusing on Mr. Cruz, but one takes a shot at Sen. Marco Rubio.

The group also plans to distribute 100,000 mail pieces highlighting Marco Rubio’s record on immigration, cap-and-trade, military spending and Libya:

“You are only as good as the company you keep…” the mailer reads, with Mr. Rubio, a senator from Florida, pictured beside images of Hillary Clinton and Senators Chuck Schumer of New York and Harry Reid of Nevada.

In addition, Keep the Promise 1 has 13 paid staff members and about 75 canvassers in the state and has hired Nathan Emens, a local operative, to oversee its Nevada ground game. Team Cruz is obviously hoping to duplicate its ground game-led come from behind Iowa victory and is using its network of Super PACs to do more than advertise.

According to USA Today, Keep the Promise 1 is spending more than $2 million in Nevada.

The Promise network of Super PACs is expanding. Keep the Promise to Veterans, launched last week and is led by former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. This group will focus on veterans’ issues and recruit high-profile veterans to back Cruz, like Dakota Meyer, a Marine Corps veteran who received the  Medal of Honor for heroism in Afghanistan.



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