House Conservatives Headed To Iowa To Support Cruz

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Siobhan Hughes reports that House Conservatives are headed to Iowa to help build support for Sen. Ted Cruz during the closing days before the Iowa Republican Caucuses. Rick Tyler, a spokesman for the Cruz campaign, said the House conservatives could help amplify Cruz’s message that “we have enough wheeler dealers in Washington who are destroying the country — we don’t need the author of ‘The Art of the Deal,’ who will just give us more of the same.”


The group of Congressional Cruz supporters that will knock on doors and give speeches includes:

  • Rep. Alex Mooney (R., W. Va.), a freshman Republican who is going to Iowa on Friday and plans to stay through Monday, knocking on doors and encouraging Cruz supporters to turn out at the caucuses.
  • Rep. Mo Brooks (R., Ala.), one of Congress’s biggest opponents of illegal immigration, who plans to speak at one of the caucuses in Iowa on behalf of Mr. Cruz–even if that means missing House votes that are scheduled that same evening.
  • Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa), an early backer of Mr. Cruz, plans to introduce the other House Republicans to Iowa caucus-goers and help drive home the message that Cruz does have a base of support in Congress.

During his time in Congress, Cruz has worked closely with Conservative House Republicans, earning the nickname “Speaker Cruz.” The assistance of the House Conservatives Should help disprove Donald Trump’s negative attack that Cruz has no allies in the capital at all.


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