DCCC Resorts to Desperate Contradictory Memos About Lobbyists and Party-Switchers

If you actually read through some of the paper that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is putting out, you’ll start to get the impression that the Democrats have stopped trying to take back the House  this year.

Or at least they’ve got some management problems, because they’ve clearly let go of whatever copy editor was responsible for making sure the DCCC doesn’t blatantly contradict itself in print.

Take this memo they sent out on January 15 attacking a Republican candidate running for Congress in Florida as a “Washington lobbyist” who “sold his influence.” That same week, they sent out another memo highlighting their Democrat candidate running in West Virginia, Nick Casey. Casey goes so far as to describe himself as a “lobbyist” on his own law firm’s website, so what did the DCCC have to say about him? He was praised in the memo as a “community leader.”

Did the DCCC think it could get away with arguing both sides of the lobbyist coin in the same breath? Or did no one really notice the laughable contradiction there?


The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Another DCCC memo the next week attacked another Republican, Evan Jenkins, as a party-switcher who “rather give up his alleged values in favor of political expediency.” But their memo written a week earlier sang the praises of a Democrat candidate running in Pennsylvania, Michael Parrish, who also switched parties and even donated thousands of dollars to John McCain and Mitt Romney.

The intellectual tank of the DCCC must really be near-empty if they’ve become so desperate for memo attack lines that they’re willing to throw their own candidates under the bus to print them. Or did no one over  there bother to do a quick scan of how their attacks affect their other candidates?

There’s been at least two stories this week about how Democrats are all but ceding defeat in the House this year, so morale over there might be a little low. Or maybe their new strategy is to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Either way, if this is the strategic tenacity with which Democrats are aiming to win this year, Republicans should be in good shape



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