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ObamaCare is smoldering in rubble, and we should expect the Democrats to jump onto something – anything – that will give them a chance to stop talking about it. That’s why it was unsurprising to watch the Democrat Party launch themselves into a complete meltdown yesterday over a tee shirt sold in the National Republican Congressional Committee online store. The GOP committee, though, isn’t backing down.


“Happy Holidays is what liberals say,” the tee shirt reads on the front, with “Merry Christmas” on the back. It’s conservative, it’s funny, and it’s hardly controversial – one poll last year found that the vast majority of Americans prefer store signs that read “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays.”

BuzzFeed broke the “story” yesterday that the shirt had been removed from the NRCC store. This was due to the fact that the shirt was sold out, as the NRCC confirmed to BuzzFeed – but that didn’t stop the DCCC and the DNC from foaming at the mouth in ginned up outrage (anything to stop talking about ObamaCare!) “NRCC thinks there are no holidays but Christmas,” wrote one Democrat operative.

This type of faux outrage over conservative “intolerance” is a worn-out maneuver in the Democrats playbook, and the NRCC is fighting back. The committee sent out an email Monday night from “NRCC HQ” letting conservatives know that they aren’t backing down from the Democrats’ attacks – and they’re even selling a new mug with the same slogan:

Want to really annoy a liberal? Say “Merry Christmas.”

On Friday, we unveiled a new Christmas t-shirt at our NRCC Store – “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say.”

You loved the shirt so much, it sold out!

But Liberals all across the internet flipped out and said we were being politically incorrect.

We’re working to get more shirts and products up ASAP.In the meantime we’ve got a “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say” MUG for you.


“Liberals just don’t get it. We don’t celebrate Christmas to offend people. Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ isn’t an attack on any religion or belief,” the email continues, before ending with “Merry Christmas! Just don’t tell Nancy Pelosi we said so.”

The Democrats are so desperate to stop talking about ObamaCare that they thought waging a fight over “Happy Holidays” would be more popular. Unfortunately, this looks like another swing and a miss for the left. According to a source at the NRCC, the mugs are selling “like hotcakes.” Meanwhile, ObamaCare is still a disaster, Merry Christmas is still more popular than Happy Holidays, and the Democrats find themselves on Santa’s naughty list.


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