Even Democrats are giving up on ObamaCare

Scott Clement, a survey research analyst with Capital Insight — the independent polling group of Washington Post Media, reports that a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that even Democrats, at least those who are Moderate or Conservative have turned against ObamaCare.


According to Clement, only 46 percent of Moderate or Conservative Democrats now support ObamaCare. That’s down 11 percent in the past year and 28 percent from the 74 percent who supported it shortly after it was passed in 2010. Just 58 percent of Democrats now support the law, down from 68 percent last year.

Among the public at large, 42 percent support and 49 percent oppose the law.

President Obama’s latest campaign to sell ObamaCare to Americans is failing. This should no be a surprise. Obama’s losing campaign was launched in the face of criticism from Democrats about his incompetent implementation of ObamaCare. The more Americans learn about ObamaCare the less they like it.

It’s not just the voters. Democrat Senators are finally admitting ObamaCare is a train wreck and some are proposing changes. Indiana’s Joe Donnelly has proposed a more accurate and sensible definition of a full-time employee in the ObamaCare law. And Alaska’s Mark Begich, introduced a plan to ease small businesses’ transition into ObamaCare by allowing them to opt into the federal employees health care system.

As Clement also noted, ObamaCare has been stubbornly unpopular from the start. ObamaCare was so unpopular Harry Reid scheduled the Senate’s ObamaCare vote for dead of night.


This would be a good time to remember that Democrats have been telling us, and each other, for years that the poll numbers on ObamaCare will turn around when people see what’s in the law and what it does. In Decemcer 2009, Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer said he thinks the public polling on the Democratic reform bill will turn around “soon”:

“When people see what is in this bill and when people see what it does, they will come around. The reason people are negative is not the substance of the bill, but the fears that the opponents have laid out. When those fears don’t materialize, and people see the good in the bill, the numbers are going to go up.”

Schumer’s remarks will share a place in history alongside Nancy Pelosi’s infamous, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”


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