GOP fights for a fair election in Pennsylvania

As we reported earlier this morning,  Obama supporters muscled Republican Election Inspectors in Philadelphia, But the GOP fought and won this initial battle to keep the election fair.
In a written statement, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason announced that the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas issued an order to seat Republican Minority Inspectors in Philadelphia Polling places:
“This was a shameless attempt from the Obama campaign to suppress our legally appointed Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia and they got caught.
We’ve seen these shenanigans before and it’s clear that Democratic operatives and the Obama campaign are desperate; trying to shield Republican Minority Inspectors who are employees of the City of Philadelphia today from monitoring election activities.  It certainly raises the question, what are Democrats doing in the polls that they are working so hard to shield folks from monitoring this election?”

Democratic operatives prohibited 75 legally credentialed Republican election workers from accessing polling places in heavily Democratic areas in Philadelphia. Incidents ranged from judges of elections refusing to seat Republican Minority Inspectors and Clerks, to reports of Democratic election operatives announcing that “No Republicans will be allowed in the polling place.”

As a result, the Pennsylvania Republican Party petitioned the Court to issue formal orders to force Democratic judges of elections to seat Republican minority inspectors and clerks. The Court said that they will issue around 6-12 Orders with approximately 6 – 10 names per Order.

It looks like the Romney campaign, with teams of lawyers in every state, is ready for the full range of shenanigans the Democrats might try as they dust off their old 2004 playbook and try everything to keep Obama President. Team Romney just demonstrated they are well prepared and have left nothing to chance.




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