Blaming Romney, not terrorists, Obama fuels Middle East bloodshed

Like many Americans I spend time on September 11 contemplating the terror attacks. This year my contemplation didn’t end on the 11th. I have spent the entire week watching as riotous Muslim mobs, first in Egypt, then Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Sudan attack U.S. embassies espousing hate for American values and belief.


It got much worse. The hateful Muslim mobs multiplied throughout the Muslim world, even in countries not considered Muslim, such as Britain and Australia. And al Qaeda went on the offensive.

Under the cover of the rioting Muslim mobs in Benghazi, terrorist viciously attacked the U.S. consulate killing four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. That was the first time an American Ambassador had been murdered in the line of duty since the Carter administration.

Al Qaeda didn’t stop there. They attacked the American-lead multinational peacekeeping force in the Sinai. They also attacked a U.S. Marine base in Southern Afghanistan in an effort to kill Britain’s Prince Harry. So there was much to contemplate on this extended anniversary of 9/11.

The lessons to be learned from the terrorists’ 9/11/12 offensive are despite Obama’s protestations to the contrary the War Against Terror is not over, and Governor Romney was right to criticize Obama for sending mixed signals about the violence of the hateful Muslim mobs.

Obama is so wrong here. His naivete has always been there for us to see. On November 21, 2007, presidential candidate Obama said, “The day I’m inaugurated Muslim hostility will ease.” He actually thought he could just say nice things, and because he had lived in an Islamic country during his youth and his half-sister is Muslim, the Muslim hate for America would dissipate. Well perhaps the Muslim hate for America didn’t diminish while President Bush was prosecuting the War Against Terror. But we never saw an uprising or offensive like this during his war, because those that hate us respect strength.


Obama sees things differently. His administration says “the war on terror is over,” and Obama won’t even use the term “war on terror.”

So yes, Governor Romney was entirely correct to criticize Obama’s incoherent response to the Cairo debacle, and to question Obama’s now discredited policies of appeasement and apology that have left us so dangerously vulnerable in the Middle East and still hated in the Muslim world.

The most important lesson of the week is that we now know that the Obama Administration has put us right back where we were 11 years ago before 9/11.

That is why yesterday we saw Obama’s Press secretary flat out said that the hateful Muslim uprising — formerly known as the Arab Spring, and the murder of an American ambassador was exclusively the result of a silly amateur video – despite the evidence to the contrary.

This statement and appearance was a turning point. Why?

Not because it flies in the face of the evidence.  But because it shows EXACTLY why we’re in the position we’re in under Obama. Team Obama just doesn’t understand that terrorists hate America, not a “video” that was used as a diversion to kill Americans. This video of makes this point:



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