Where's the new [stimulus] bill Mr. Obama?

After promising time and time again to focus on jobs.

After promising time and time again to pivot to jobs.

After promising time and time again to give a jobs plan speech right after his Martha’s Vineyard vacations.


After promising new fresh proposals, not a rehash of plans he has pitched previously.

After demanding time and time again before a joint session that Congress pass his [stimulus] bill.

After demanding time and again at a campaign rally in Richmond that Congress pass his [stimulus] bill.

President Obama hasn’t yet provided Congress the [stimulus] bill.

This inconvenient truth was made clear during the press gaggle, Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney, conducted yesterday on board Air Force One, while en route to Obama’s taxpayer-funded campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia:

Q    Jay, how does the President expect Congress to act on the bill now if the pay-fors aren’t going to be decided until late November, if at all?

MR. CARNEY:  I think you misunderstood, Julie.  The President will put a bill before Congress early next week — the American Jobs Act — and it will contain the pay-fors in it.

That right, President Obama doesn’t even plan to send the [stimulus] bill to Congress until next week.

Yeah right, pass this [stimulus] bill, pass it now.


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