Obama's new jobs plan sounds too familiar

How is President Obama going to say anything in his big jobs speech tomorrow night that will make a difference?

Apparently he is not. Obama’s new jobs plan looks remarkably like his $830 billion 2009 economic stimulus package.


According to Al Hunt the latest Obama job plan stimulus includes tax cuts, infrastructure spending, unemployment benefits extension and direct aid to state and local governments. At an estimated cost of $300 billion, it looks like another so-called stimulus that won’t be any more effective than Obamacrats’ http://www.examiner.com/right-side-politics-in-national/the-obama-stimulus-predictions-vs-reality.

According to the Associated Press almost half of the $300 billion cost of new Obama stimulus would come from a one year extension of the two percent reduction in the payroll tax paid by workers due to expire December 31, and a new decrease in the portion of the tax paid by employers.

In typical Obama fashion, Obama proposes to pay for his new stimulus plan by asking Congress to raise tax revenue in later years.

As the good folks at the RNC put it:

Same words, same speeches, same failed policies.



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