67% disapprove of legislators fleeing Wisconsin to avoid vote

Two-thirds of likely voters disapprove of Wisconsin legislators fleeing the state to avoid their duty to vote.

New Rasmussen Reports polling finds America’s voters strongly oppose Wisconsin state senators fleebagging tactics to avoid a vote that would restrict collective bargaining rights for government workers’ unions.


Only 25% of likely U.S. Voters approve of this failed 2003-vintage Democrat tactic.

Sizable majorities of Republicans and Independents reject legislators shirking their duty in this obstructionist manner. But Democrats are divided, with 48% approving and 44% disapproving.

Based on Zogby’s “Red State/Blue State/Green State” poll, Brad O’Leary argues that Wisconsin and Indiana union protests could spell trouble for Democrats:

The union riots in Wisconsin and Indiana might be good business for the likes of Jesse Jackson, but should the unions prevail, it would almost certainly spell trouble for Democrats in the next election cycle.

This is further evidence of why the Obama regime tried to claim it did not encourage the massive union protests as Obama’s leadership rating fell to a record low.

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