Obama’s leadership rating falls to a new record low

New Rasmussen Reports polling finds only 37% of likely voters think President Obama is doing a good or excellent job as a leader. Forty percent rate his performance as poor.


The poll’s finding represents a huge shift in opinion from just a month ago after Obama delivered his State of the Union speech. Back then, 47% of voters viewed Obama’s leadership positively.

Other interesting findings from the poll Include:

  • Twenty-seven percent view Obama’s leadership style as too confrontational.
  • Female voters think the president is doing a better job than do male voters.
  • Only 35% of those who work in the private sector say Obama is doing a good or excellent job, compared to 50% of government employees.
  • Sixty-five percent  of GOP voters and 43% of Independents rate Obama’s leadership as poor.
  • And of course 70% of Democrats view Obama’s performance as good or excellent.

I’m sure Obama’s incitement of labor unrest in Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin contributed to the sudden turn around in voters’ approval of his leadership style.


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