Senator Thune: the Obama experiment has failed

Giving Democrats more opportunities to manage the economy and spend taxpayer dollars … will only lead to more growth of government bureaucracy, and to national bankruptcy. — Senator John Thune


In today’s In this Weekly Republican address, Senator John Thune hits a home run. His speech hits the Obama/Democrats again and again:

  • For campaigning to save the jobs of Democrat politicians instead of spending more time trying ti create jobs for the American People.
  • For their grow government, raise taxes, and take over health care experiment.
  • For their broken promise to keep unemployment under eight percent.
  • For their broken promise to reduce every family’s health insurance premiums by up to $2,500.
  • For their failure to pass a budget.
  • For passing more burdensome regulations.

Thune sums it all up with a slight variation  of Reagan’s famous closing to the 1980 presidential campaign:

Are you better off today than you were two years ago?

You can watch Senator Thune’s speech in the video below:


You can read the transcript of Thune;s awesome speech at Right Side Politics.



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