Dems embrace culture of corruption -- support Rangel in corruption scandal

Democrat, or should that be Corruptocrat, leaders, including Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Governor David Patterson and Governor wannabe Andrew Cuomo, are throwing a big fundraising birthday party for ethically challenged Charles Rangel.


The Corruptocrat Rangel bash is being thrown despite the fact that the House ethics committee, after a two-year investigation, finally revealed 13 “major” charges of ethical violations against Rangel, which the committee said it substantiated in a 41-page Statement of Alleged Violation.

Rangel now faces a formal public trial before a House ethics subcommittee for the alleged violations.

The last House trial of a member was for James A. Traficant, Democrat of Ohio, in 2002. Traficant, convicted on criminal corruption charges, expelled from Congress and served a prison term.

Rangel is charged with violating the letter and spirit of House rules by engaging in conduct that:

  • Violated the solicitation and gift ban;
  • Violated the code of ethics for government service;
  • Violated the House gift rule;
  • Violated U.S. Postal Service laws and Franking Commission regulations;
  • Violated House Office Building Commission’s regulations;
  • Violated the Purpose Law and the Member’s Congressional Handbook; and,
  • Violated the Ethics in Government Act and House Rule XXVI.

The charges themselves are grouped into four categories.

  1. That Rangel solicited money for his nonprofit “Rangel Center for Public Service” from people doing business before his committee.
  2. That Rangel repeatedly filed inaccurate and misleading financial-disclosure statements.
  3. That Rangel used for campaign purposes a New York City rent-controlled apartment that was only supposed to be used as a residence.
  4. That Rangel failed to report and pay taxes on rental income he received from a vacation property he owns in the Dominican Republic.

Will Corruptocrat, leaders throw a fundraiser for Maxine Waters next?

You can read a list of the Rangel Charges here and the response from Rangel’s lawyers here.


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