New Audio Surfaces Allegedly of Democrat Mayor Comparing Black People to Chimps

New audio clips have surfaced allegedly catching Warren, Michigan Mayor Jim Fouts saying that blacks look like chimps and making equally disgusting comments about older women. The Motorcity Muckraker, a local independent news site, broke the story on Monday.

CBS News reports on the details of the audio:

“Blacks do look like chimpanzees,” Fouts allegely says on first part of the tape. “I was watching this black woman with her daughter and they looked like two chimps.”

Fouts can be heard allegedly talking about older women on the tapes too.

“Think I want to date a f—– 60-year-old hag?” the voice on the recording can be heard saying. “F— that s—. I’m not interested in any old ugly hag. I think after a certain age they are dried up, washed up, burned out.”

“They are p—– when they are young, and when they get older, they’re just mean, hateful dried-up c—-.”

Fouts denies that it is his voice on the audio clips, calling them “phony.” He argues the recordings were engineered to sound like him, though the Motorcity Muckraker reports that audio experts disagree. Fouts so far has stated that he will not resign.

This is not the first time audio has been leaked in which he allegedly made nasty remarks. Just a month ago, clips surfaced in which Fouts is alleged to be the one calling the mentally ill “dysfunctional human beings. They are not even human beings.”

The New York Daily News has more:

Not stopping there, the voice that has yet to be confirmed as belonging to Fouts apparently advocates killing the mentally challenged, stating, “Why would anybody want to have that as part of their life? I’m for Dr. Kevorkian, ya know?”

In this case, the audio’s authenticity was questioned; its source was Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, the mayor’s political rival.

In 2013, Fouts settled a whistleblower lawsuit for $175,000 filed by a former employee who had recorded Fouts twice making separate profanity-laced threats against another employ.

The local Macomb Daily details this audio,

[T]he mayor says of one of the ex-workers: “If I had a baseball bat, I’d beat the f—– down to the f—— ground. I mean, it would take me just a little bit to get a f—— gun and blow his f—— head out. That’s how p—– off I am.”

In the second recorded call, Fouts says: “Well one of these days I’m just going to flip out, and I’m going to go over there and I’m going to take a 2-by-4 and beat the hell out of them. I may end up in jail. But I’m getting angrier and angrier,” he said.

In this instance, there was no question the audio was of Fouts, though no criminal charges were brought, since what was recorded violated no statutes. James Hartley, who was appointed by the mayor and later recorded and leaked the audio, filed the whistleblower suit after being reassigned randomly to menial tasks. Again, it was this case in which Fouts settled.

The Warren mayor cannot seem to escape controversy. Strangely, most news stories reporting on these controversies do not report that he is a Democrat — an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporter who has alleged that he was told to hide said enthusiasm when he attended the DNC presidential debate in Flint, Michigan.

By contrast, the recent stories of a no-name Republican city council member out of Massachusetts who grabbed a woman’s genitals have, justifiably, made it into British news outlets. Of course, the party of the offender is not only clear in the story, it makes the headline.

Regardless of his party, if Fouts is found to have made the comments, he should resign or be removed. No public official should be able to makes the racist and sexist comments that were on the audio and remain in office.