Buzz Cut: The Hypocrisy of ‘Records’ - Part One

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Hey, everybody, Buzz Patterson here. Welcome to the Buzz Cut! My biweekly column bringing truth and reason to the forefront.

With the Department of Justice and FBI raiding the private residence of a former President of the United States last Monday, ostensibly to retrieve classified documents, we have crossed the Rubicon. The left has officially coronated a two-tiered justice system: You vs. Them. Thirty FBI agents stormed the Trump home, rifled through Melania’s wardrobe, seized 15 boxes of documents, and broke into a safe. Not sure yet how Melania’s wardrobe fits into that equation. Our republic’s selective enforcement of justice is that of a banana republic and it will have repercussions not only for future elections in this nation but political reprisal for years to come.

As a former White House military aide, I’m well-acquainted with the classification and handling of sensitive documents. At one point, I had the highest security clearance in the land and was responsible for the “Nuclear Football.” While serving in the Clinton administration, the importance of particularly sensitive documents was readily apparent. On one particular trip to Camp David with the First Family, I was introduced to Hillary’s files — or her “football.”

The protocol on Camp David trips was that the military aide accompanied the first family as part of a small retinue. In addition to the normal military responsibilities, we assumed the duties typically held by the personal aide, secretary, and valet. As such, I helped load the family luggage onto and off the helicopter. I helped them get situated into “Aspen,” their Camp David cabin and I stood by for anything they might need to complete their daily schedules.

Before my first trip with the Clintons, a fellow aide and Camp David veteran advised me, “Make sure you put Mrs. Clinton’s luggage in their bedroom specifically where she wants it.” Judging from Hillary’s focus that afternoon, the most important piece of luggage was a plastic box of files. My compatriot had instructed me, “Only you (the military aide) should handle the files and only in the presence of Mrs. Clinton. When you get to Camp David, place the files in a conspicuous location in her bedroom. Make sure that she sees you when you’re moving them and she sees exactly where you leave them.” Pretty significant box of files, I thought.

Years later, as Secretary of State, Hillary would host a private server in her home, delete more than 30,000 emails of which more than 2,000 were classified and destroy devices with hammers. She was never raided or even put under oath in the aftermath.

Similarly, perhaps the king of Democrat executive privilege, Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, was dispatched to the National Archives to remove classified documents relating to what the Clinton administration knew about Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. He stuffed them in his pants and socks and took them home. Berger wasn’t raided either. He didn’t even lose his security clearance permanently. He paid a paltry sum, had his wrist slapped, and kept consulting for the Clintons.

Please stay tuned for more updates and insight as to the Trump raid and politics in our nation.


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