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She’s back! Or at least she’s trying to be. With the 2024 presidential election approaching, the economy officially in a recession, the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the southern border being overrun, $5 per gallon gas, and Joe Biden polling worse than any president in history, Democrats are looking for a savior. Problem is that their bench is empty. Think 1963 New York Mets empty. Kamala Harris is polling at or below her boss. Pete Buttigieg, who was a horrible mayor, is often AWOL and is having little success solving supply chain issues as Secretary of Transportation. Oh, the normal idiots will show up again: Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, Eric Swalwell, and Amy Klobuchar. Maybe even AOC will give it the old bartender try. And sitting in the wings is Hillary Clinton, the two-time loser. But you know, you just know, she’s thinking about it.


According to former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris, Democrats know “that Biden can’t run again in 2024” due to “quickly declining mental abilities.” Morris continued, “As leftist candidates emerge as front-runners in the Democratic primary, pressure will grow on Hillary Clinton to enter the race.”

Democrat pollster and consultant Doug Schoen, agrees:

President Biden’s low approval rating, doubt about his capacity to run again, Vice President Harris’ unpopularity, and the absence of another strong Democrat to lead the ticket have created a leadership vacuum within the party that only Clinton— as an experienced and politically savvy ‘change candidate’— can fill.”

Democrat pundit Juan Williams is also onboard, claiming:

“Clinton is exactly the right person to put steel in the Democrat’s spine and bring attention to the reality that ‘ultra-MAGA’ Republicans, as President Biden calls them, are tearing apart the nation. Keep talking and talk louder, Hillary!”

The problem is she’s not only a horrible candidate but a horrible person. In 1996, I was summoned to the Clinton White House to assume the critical responsibilities as Air Force Military Aide and carrier of the “Nuclear Football.” For two years I lived in the White House, traveled with the Clintons, and experienced the couple up close and personal. Sometimes a little too up close and a little too personal.

Although not a political appointee and obviously a nonpartisan military officer, it didn’t take me long to assess Mrs. Clinton: her personality, her demeanor, and her intent. In short, she was the most feared person in the building and, in many ways, the rudest and most power-hungry of the administration. I first met Hillary in 1996 aboard Marine One, headed for Camp David, and I confess I was nervous. I’d been shot at flying in combat, but nothing prepares you for the initial encounter with Hillary. Hot metal being hurtled at you by people who want to kill you pales in comparison. The previous military aide had warned me, “Whatever you do, don’t piss off the first lady.” The First Couple had notorious tempers, but hers was by far the worst. Early in my time in the Clinton administration, I was informed that when Hillary was walking through the White House halls, she expected staffers to avoid her eyesight and, if possible, duck into office doorways. I document many of my personal interactions with her and her husband in my bestselling book, “Dereliction of Duty.”


If she runs — and I’m fairly confident she will — it will be entertaining as hell, but the worst possible scenario for our nation. On the heels of four years of Biden (if he makes it that long), the election of Hillary would be the death knell. Fortunately for America, as a candidate, in my opinion, she’s eminently unlikeable and dishonest. She’s pathologically incapable of telling the truth. She simply doesn’t know any other way. She has no platform other than power and cash. She’ll lose again because she has no idea what true Americans need or want.

Her ego and thirst for power and money are what drives her, and they will drive her to defeat again. In her book, “What Happened,” describing why she lost to President Donald Trump, she blames everyone but herself. Hillary will lose again because “Hillary happened.”

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