Donald Trump is the Valet Parking Guy from Seinfeld

Most here are old enough to remember Seinfeld.  One of the most memorable episodes was “The Smelly Car“.  In that episode, Jerry leaves his BMW with a valet parking attendant and after he retrieves it, it reeks of body odor.  And when Elaine and others ride in the car, they, too, wind up smelling like B.O.  And they can’t get rid of it.  By the end of the episode and after several attempts to clean the car, Jerry winds up having to abandon the car – but even the guy who takes the keys from him won’t even take it.


The moral of the story:  Donald trump IS the valet parking guy.  He reeks.  And everyone and everything who comes in contact with him or associates with him winds up reeking of the same stench that Trump emits.  Consider the story about James Dobson and his tacit acceptance of Trump’s alleged Christian conversion.  The moment Dobson accepted the very tenuous story about Trump, he owned Trump’s smell.  Now he is going to have to spend weeks, months, or years trying to cleanse himself of it.  And in the end, he’ll still be known as the poor sap Christian leader whose name is next to Trump’s.  Trump’s path is littered with people who have the Trump B.O.

Jay Caruso said it here:

Sorry Trump supporters. You don’t get to lay down the results of your bad decisions at our feet. If Trump is the nominee and he loses, you’re to blame.

Because you made it happen. You made your decision. You live with your decision.

And conservative radio host Charlie Sykes was equally pointed:

Because I’ve cautioned my fellow conservatives, you embrace Donald Trump, you embrace it all. You embrace every slur, every insult, every outrage, every falsehood. You’re going to spend the next six months defending, rationalizing, evading all that. And afterwards, you come back to women, to minorities, to young people and say, that wasn’t us. That’s not what we’re about. The reality is, if you support him to be president of the United States, that is who you are, and you own it.


James Dobson owns it. Chris Christie owns it. Rick Perry owns it. Bobby Jindal owns it.  Every single person who decides to support Donald Trump is stuck with the B.O. that is Trump’s identity. If you are a Trump supporter, you will smell just like him.  But people won’t say “It’s B.O.!” – they’ll say “Oh, he smells like a Trump Supporter” and they will avoid you like Seinfeld’s car.  The problem is, you won’t be able to throw it away like Jerry did.  You’re stuck with it. Permanently.


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