Could THIS be the real reason Donald Trump chickened out on the Iowa debate?


One of the main reasons that Donald Trump supporters cling to him is his alleged support for deporting illegal aliens and building The Wall.  Some, including myself, have asserted for months that his opposition to illegal immigration is bogus, and if it comes down to illegals or profit, he’ll take the latter.  Supposedly Trump dropped out of the Iowa debate because he didn’t like Megyn Kelly’s moderation from last time around. Remember? “Blood coming out of out her…whatever“?. But is that it?  Or is it the fact that the truth about Trump’s immigration positions are finally surfacing?


This ad seems to answer the question about what Trump truly thinks about immigration:

The part about Trump using illegals in the construction of Trump Tower and other buildings has been out there for a while. It’s been mentioned here at Redstate several times. And it appears he may be doing it again. But the part about the “pathway to citizenship” is a quote from this past June!  And it’s come up before.  Trump’s positions on providing a “touchback”, or basically a shortcut back into the United States, came up back in November.

Trump may claim that some of his liberal positions have changed with time, but this would have to be one really quick change.  Now that the truth about his positions on immigration are bubbling to the surface, Trump is undoubtedly not excited about facing questions about what he truly thinks about the topic that seems most dear to his most rabid supporters.


Once again, Trump’s own words tell the story. It appears Megyn Kelly isn’t the problem, but rather the possibility that Kelly and the other moderators might expose Trump’s true positions on immigration.


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