This university president "tells it like it is" about Donald Trump


Remember Dr. Everett Piper?  He’s the guy who wrote the “This Is Not A Daycare” memo following the rash of university student protests and whining about “being offended” and “trigger warnings” and other idiocy.  So he’s not exactly a foreigner to the idea of how “political correctness” works and doesn’t work.  And as an expert in this area, it also makes him well-qualified to speak about Mister Anti-PC himself, Donald Trump.  And speak, he did.

He “tells it like it is” about the alleged king of “telling it like it is”.

So here’s what happened: in light of Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s newly-found man-crush on Trump, Dr. Piper responded to those who asked him if Oklahoma Wesleyan would likewise be inviting Trump to their campus.  I’ll let you read his entire letter for yourselves, but in this response, he truly “tells it like it is” about Trump:

Anyone who is pro-abortion is not on my side. Anyone who calls women “pigs,” “ugly,” “fat” and “pieces of a–” is not on my side. Anyone who mocks the handicapped is not on my side. Anyone who has argued the merits of a government takeover of banks, student loans, the auto industry and healthcare is not on my side. Anyone who has been on the cover of Playboy and proud of it, who brags of his sexual history with multiple women and who owns strip clubs in his casinos is not on my side. Anyone who believes the government can wrest control of the definition of marriage from the church is not on my side. Anyone who ignores the separation of powers and boasts of making the executive branch even more imperial is not on my side.

I’m a conservative. I believe in conserving the dignity of life. I believe in conserving respect for women. I believe in conserving the Constitution. I believe in conserving private property, religious liberty and human freedom. I believe in morality more than I do in money. I hold to principles more than I yearn for power. I trust my Creator more than I do human character. I’d like to think that all this, and more, makes me an informed and thoughtful citizen and voter. I’ve read, I’ve listened and I’ve studied and there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing, in this man’s track record that makes Donald Trump “on my side.”

I refuse to let my desire to win “trump” my moral compass. I will not sell my soul or my university’s to a political process that values victory more than virtue.

No, Donald Trump will not be speaking at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Perhaps Dr. Piper is the one who should be on the GOP ballot rather than Trump.


(H/T to one of our commenters for making me aware of Piper’s piece.)