Jeb Bush and the Wisdom of Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz is a now-retired talk show host from Erick’s own WSB in Atlanta.  Boortz is a self-declared libertarian, and as such, I’m not a big fan of some of his positions.  But while listening to Erick’s show this afternoon, I heard Boortz’s daily commentary, an today’s topic was Jeb Bush.  When I heard it, I thought “YEAH, he has it right”.  Now I’m no huge Jeb fan (either), but as I’ve said in the comment threads here, if he was the nominee, I would absolutely vote for him.  Here’s what Boortz said:

…but now he’s back in the political spotlight running for President, and I spent a good bit of the time yesterday looking at tweets and messages about Jeb Bush and so many of them said “oh hell, no, no way, I won’t vote for him, I’m gonna stay home, I won’t vote”…these idiotic responses that enabled Barack Obama to have a second term.

A lot of people seem to be upset that Jeb Bush doesn’t want to round up every illegal in this country and ship them back to Mexico, presumably in railroad freight cars. My friends, it’s not going to happen…can you get that through your heads? We are not going to send 11 million illegals who are now in this country back to Mexico or Columbia or wherever, so give up on that dream. The only thing we can do now is to effectively seal the border so the situation doesn’t get worse and to make sure that people who are already here never, ever get the right to vote in any election…that’s Lindsey_Graham’s plan, you know.  Look at Jeb Bush’s record in Florida, give him an even break, and learn something about the man before you start threatening to stay home”

Boortz makes two key points here:  1) Don’t throw a tantrum and “stay home” if Bush or some other moderate gets nominated – that gets Democrats elected that are far, far worse than ANY Republican, and 2) get real on your expectations for immigration policy.  We’re not going to deport all of the illegals, no matter whose plan is eventually adopted. As Boortz says, it’s Not Going To Happen.

I hear the same kind of blather on this site and on Twitter that Boortz is describing.  It’s brainless and it’s counterproductive.  Now we have the luxury of having at least a half-dozen very good GOP candidates and a few others that aren’t all that great.  That is a heck of a lot better than any election in memory.  Let’s focus on supporting the right candidates and stop the woe-is-us idiocy.  If you don’t like Bush, fine. Don’t support him in the primaries. But be sure that if he’s the guy left over at the end, he is going to be light-years ahead of Hillary or any other potential Democrat.  Apparently an insufficient number of Republicans realized that in 2008 and 2012 and decided that Obama can’t be THAT bad and we can just wait it out (I read just that kind of comments here in 2007/2008 – “how bad could he be?”).

No.  We can’t just wait it out.  This country cannot afford another four to eight years of leftist ideology.  It’s time to return some sanity to our foreign and domestic policies and get rid of the demagoguery-focused policy making that comes from radical leftist politicians like Obama and his minions such as John F’ing Kerry, thankfully-gone-but-not-forgotten Eric Holder, and his equally-inept successor Loretta Lynch.

Support the good ones now and help them win. But if we have yet another primary season where the moderate happens to limp through to the nomination, be prepared to hold your nose and vote for them. Jeb Bush is far from the worst person that could be in the White House.

It could be Bernie Sanders.