Governor Bobby Jindal wins Twitter

JindalSCOTUSTweetCould there have been a better Tweet posted than that?

Of course the Left is depositing their piles of steaming excrement in response to a ruling that didn’t go their way.


But Governor Jindal captured it perfectly.  You can bet that that is precisely what Obama and his cohorts were thinking, post-ruling.  They are bound to be warming up the phone and pen in an effort to overcome yet another loss in the SCOTUS.  They really have had a bad couple of weeks.

Sorry, Leftists.  It just ain’t your day.

(By the way, go to Twitter and read the tweet there and check out the replies.  The Leftists are beside themselves.  It’s a Schadenfreude paradise)

EDIT:  And just as sure as the sun rises and sets, Barack Obama reacts as predicted:



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