Saturday Olympics Open Thread

Here’s an open thread for the weekend.  Two Olympics-related items of note:

  1. The USA Men’s hockey team just defeated the Russians 3-2 in an extra-innings shootout.  The hero of the game was my team’s (St. Louis Blues) own, T.J. Oshie, who scored 4 times in the shootout.  This was an epic game, even before the shootout, and we beat the bad guys in front of Vladimir Putin himself.  If you have a chance to watch a replay, DO IT.
  2. Apparently, Barack Obama has now become a fan of tax cuts.  He’s decided that the Olympic athletes should not be taxed on their medals.  Funny, Marco Rubio actually pointed this out already and sponsored a bill in the Senate to remove those taxes, but it died in the Senate.  C’mon, Barry – you have a pen and a phone, remember?   Just bloviating again, are you?

Talk amongst yourselves…and welcome to the new and improved


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