A great gift idea for that special someone in your life

But alas – unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy this one for Christmas this year.  It seems that the latest in the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series may have adopted a new villain:  Occupy Wall Street.  MRC TV has the story here.


Now I’m not all that convinced that it’s OWS that they’re going after – I don’t see any stringy hair or torn clothes…but they may be smelly (can’t tell here…)

As the good folk at MRC point out, the Left is none too happy to see their allies getting blown up. If the OWS kids really are the target of this game’s ridicule, it’s really too bad the creators weren’t even MORE explicit about it. After all, the Left didn’t seem all that broken up when another game creator decided that “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”. I suppose the lesson here is that I can look at that example of liberal silliness and chuckle about it, whereas the Left, as usual, is indignant about one of their causes being mocked.

So – for anyone except maybe Ron Paul fans (who might be reminded too much of the Great Satan going after Iran), this one should be on your short list for next Christmas!


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