Mitch Daniels is officially NOT running for President

Well, maybe not “officially”, but as close as you can get.  Several news sources (and a couple of Redstate diarists) are reporting that Daniels has contacted his supporters to make the announcement:


In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one,” Mr. Daniels wrote. “The interests and wishes of my family is the most important consideration of all. If I have disappointed you, I will always be sorry.

Questions about events surrounding Daniels’ marriage, divorce and remarriage have swirled about since talk emerged of him as a potential candidate, and this may have played a part in this decision.  Since the standard operating procedure of the media these days is to dismantle every aspect of a candidate’s past (except with the notable exception of then-candidate Barack Obama), I’m sure Daniels and his family were anticipating the media microscope.

I personally am not shedding tears over this decision.  Daniels’ trucer talk turned me off of him months ago.  But I’m sure others here will see this as the decision that tanks the GOP’s odds of winning in 2012.  This is nonsense.  Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain and even Sarah Palin are well-capable of providing a GOP victory against Obama, an extremely weak Democrat incumbent.  Cain’s announcement yesterday drew a huge audience, and combined with his smashing success at the SC debate, Mr. Cain is making big inroads in the name recognition challenge.  Pawlenty is expected to announce his candidacy on Monday, and Daniels’ decision is likely to boost T-Paw’s chances of winning the nomination.  Palin’s entrance into the race is still very much in question, and speculation about her potential candidacy varies wildly (and rumors have emerged that she’s considering a 2012 run for Jon Kyl’s AZ senate seat)


I’m sure this announcement will fuel widespread micro-analysis in the days to come.  I will refrain and simply say: it’s getting interesting.


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