Robin Carnahan "running an outdated 2006 campaign"

In the 2010 campaign for U.S. Senator from Missouri, it’s ironic that MO Sec’y of State Robin Carnahan would criticize Rep. Roy Blunt for connecting her to President Barack Obama, when she seems intent on connecting Blunt to a GOP congress that hasn’t existed for four years.  This, in an election that has been identified by virtually every major media outlet as a “referendum on Barack Obama“.  And that is why Roy Blunt drives this point home time after time.


Today, in the KC Star, E. Thomas McClanahan pokes Carnahan over her woefully outdated “2006” campaign strategy.

Carnahan is caught running the right campaign at the wrong time, and offering a striking example of the desperate straits Democrats face in this pivotal year.

As of late last week, she was running 5.5 points behind Blunt in the Real Clear Politics average, and it hasn’t helped that her efforts to show an affinity for rural, outstate, socially conservative Missouri seem strained, given her urbane persona, degrees in economics and law, and her family background.

She still manages the family cattle farm near Rolla. A photo on her website shows her in a work shirt aboard a faded tractor.

But for Robin Carnahan, somehow the image seems a stretch. It drew a guffaw from a Republican insider, who remarked that as the daughter the late Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, she grew up with “hot and cold running helicopters.”

Mr. McClanahan, like most, have discovered Ms. Carnahan’s silver-spoons, DC-drenched background and the hypocrisy with which she (unsuccessfully) has tried to paint Blunt.  He identifies how Carnahan, despite tweaking Rep. Blunt by pointing out “you’re running against me”, still cannot escape from her Obama lapdog status:

A recent Gallup survey found that of five major legislative initiatives — the stimulus package, auto bailout, Wall Street bailout, the health care bill and financial regulatory reform — only the latter enjoyed majority support.

The health care bill has become a real liability. In a recent Rasmussen poll, 61 percent of voters at least somewhat favored repeal of the measure, which many Democrats once believed would be a signal “achievement.”

Carnahan hasn’t found a way to distance herself from this wreckage, assuming she had the inclination.

Indeed, she’s endorsed both the stimulus and the health care measure, although she says she would have voted against the Wall Street rescue and has tried to tag her opponent as “Bailout Blunt.”

In a year where the feckless Democrat Congress and President Hope-and-Change are the target of the voters’ ire, why would Blunt NOT run against them?

Carnahan is so desperate to divert attention to her ties to Obama that she’s taken to stealing clips from Fox News and trying to claim it as an endorsement.  Fox and Chris Wallace have sued Carnahan’s campaign, and Carnahan was forced to remove the ad.  In another incident, Carnahan lied about Blunt building a home on property he owns in Washington, DC.  And back in May, 2010, pounded Carnahan for lying about Blunt’s positions on the Gulf oil spill.  In response to Robin’s non-stop lies, the Blunt campaign hit “Wrong-Way Robin”:

McClanahan’s KC Star article amusingly concludes:

As former Clinton adviser William Galston wrote recently, “the (Democratic) majority can neither run on its record nor run away from it.”

Robin Carnahan is the MO Secretary of State.  She has no record on national issues.  Roy Blunt is quite correct in connecting her to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the leftist Democrat Senate and House.  Despite her attempts to obfuscate by lying about Roy Blunt and his record, she’s done nothing to distance herself from her Democrat buddies.  Short of lying about her left-wing ideology, she can neither run on it nor run away from it.


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