Robin Carnahan loves her some bailout

Hearken back to a couple of weeks ago, when I noted how MO Sec’y of State Robin Carnahan has attempted to use TARP as a way to smear MO Congressman Roy Blunt.  Blunt and Carnahan are seeking the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Missouri’s Sen. Kit Bond.  One of the sources for that post, an article from the Sedalia (MO) Democrat, noted that Ms. Carnahan stated that she thought “TARP money may have been needed to stabilize the economy“.  Interesting.  But now Robin Carnahan has been recorded stating that


If the bailouts hadn’t happened, there could have been a worse financial problem

Fascinating statement, coming from someone who has been criticizing her opponent for supporting TARP (from which he later backed out after witnessing the Democrats’ bastardization of the legislation).

In that same Sedalia Democrat article, Carnahan’s criticism of “banking executives”:

She called the use of some TARP money to fund large bonuses for banking executives “outrageous” and expressed frustration that “taxpayers were stuck with a bill to clean up their mess.

But interestingly,  that Santa Fe meeting where Carnahan pledged her love for TARP was hosted by … a finance industry executive, Catherine Allen.

So which is it, Robin?  Bailouts good or bailouts bad?  Bankers good or bankers bad?  First you don’t tell us anything about your positions, and now you take two sides to every issue.  It’s no wonder Roy Blunt is leading you in the polls by an ever-increasing margin.  You and your BFF, President Obama, are bad for the country and Missourians know it.



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