Roy Blunt's ad campaign begins

MO Congressman Roy Blunt is running for the MO Senate seat currently occupied by Christopher “Kit” Bond, who will be retiring at the end of his current term. I’ve been fairly regular in criticisms of Blunt’s Dem opponent, Robin Carnahan, a typical leftist Obama acolyte. But today we’ll just stick (mostly) to a simple post of the spot that is kicking off Rep. Blunt’s advertising campaign.

Blunt remains ahead of Carnahan in the polls. The most recent Rasmussen survey shows Blunt up 48%-43%, a wider lead than was seen in the prior poll.

The MO Senate race appears to be shaping up as one of the closest in the country, and it shouldn’t be.  Blunt is running against a member of a MO left-wing dynasty and she should be no different than her brother, Congressman Russ “Rubberstamp” Carnahan, who never met an Obama policy he didn’t like.  Blunt is a reliable conservative and will stand up for the values that readers of Redstate hold dear.

For more about the Blunt campaign, visit his web site.

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