Poor Robin Carnahan. It was *not* a good week for her.

After a week like this, Robin Carnahan was probably wishing she was a banking executive lawyer again, because running for Senate was not kind to her.

  • In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Carnahan made reference to our dependence on foreign oil:

    “We’re swapping depending on foreign oil with dependence on Chinese-made wind turbans (sic) and solar cells,” she said.

    Um, Ms. Carnahan – isn’t it your own brother Tom who imports his business’s wind turbines from India?  Turbines for which Tom Carnahan received Obama stimulus money?

  • In another interview, Carnahan whined about the GOP pointing out her own hypocrisy in claiming to be a “banking executive” and later removing it from her own campaign profile page.  Apparently Carnahan feels that she can modify her credentials whenever they don’t particularly match the day’s narrative.
  • And while Robin tried to shake the “banking executive” title, it turns out that she’s kind of cozy with some “real” banking executives. Today the Missouri GOP revealed that Carnahan has received over $11,000 in campaign donations from Goldman Sachs lobbyists, and that her boss at the Export-Import Bank was a partner at Goldman Sachs at the time. All this days after Missouri Senator and fellow Democrat Claire McCaskill raked the financial firm over the coals during a Senate hearing. I wonder if Robin sent her a thank-you note for that?

  • She was called out for attending the 25th anniversary celebration of the pro-abortion “EMILY’s List” organization.  The group has already provided $171,000 to Carnahan’s campaign.
  • But the biggest hit to Robin’s campaign this week came from the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, which showed Roy Blunt extending his pre-primary lead to 8 points (50-42) – the first time Blunt has reached 50% in polling.

Those Obama “coattails” appear to be dragging her right off the cliff.  She will probably regret her appearance with him in Macon last week, as it further cemented her linkage to his failed policies.  At the appearance, Obama referred to her as “one of his favorite people.”  Hmm.  That’s not too reassuring, I’m afraid.

Yes, Robin Carnahan had a bad week.  And there will undoubtedly be more to come.


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