Black Caucus Leader Meltdown over Trump

Let’s start with the fact that African-Americans are taken for granted in the Democratic coalition almost as much as gays are.  So its a pretty significant threat when young African-Americans like my friend Gianno Caldwell articulate a conservative world view…so much so that they must be shouted down.  Caldwell was appearing on Roland Martin’s show earlier this week talking about the Tea Party and Donald Trump when all hell broke loose.


Regardless of your particular opinion of Donald Trump, there is no question he is drawing support outside the traditional base of the Republican Party, and that includes some African-American Christians.  Presented with this very real information, the former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Angela Rye went into full meltdown.  She was so shocked upon hearing that African-Americans do more than just go to church on Sundays, they actually listen to and take advice from their religious leaders, she couldn’t keep her head up.  God bless her heart.

The divide between the Washington establishment and real America is most pronounced in the Republican primary fight right now, but it exists right under the surface with the Democrats as well, and their day of reckoning is not far behind.

The Trump bit starts at 1:30, and the head drop is at 2:25.  Follow Gianno at @giannocaldwell.



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