Dems Walking out on Ric Grenell Prove 'Gay' Is Not 'Queer' and the Divorce Between 'LBG' and 'TQIA' Should Be Finalized

Listen, it’s officially time. I gather you here today to disjoin the gays from the claustrophobia-inducing alphabet gang. After Democrat California legislators walked out on Richand “Ric” Grenell being recognized for his contributions to the nation in the legislature on Monday, Senator Scott Wiener lodged a social media attack against the former Ambassador, calling him “self-hating,” and the lines in the sand couldn’t be clearer. This only comes after Senate Dems recognized the blasphemous drag nun group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence earlier this month over the condemnation of the Republican caucus and Catholic parishioners and leaders alike.

Ideology Over Sexual Orientation

For whatever reason, Ric isn’t the right kind of gay for the Democrats, and I suspect that is because he’s a well-known Republican. Ric isn’t a “self-hating gay man,” as Wiener called him; he’s a “self-respecting gay man” who hasn’t turned his sexual orientation into a mockery of civility or the crux of every aspect of his public existence.

Ric Grenell
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As one idiom goes, “It’s easier to be gay in the Republican Party than it is to be Republican in the gay community.” The talking points of inclusion, equity, and… not being “genocided” by way of using the wrong pronoun, and the signaled-for protections and declared celebrations are dependent on ideology and have little to do with sexual orientation itself. 

Movements Gaining Momentum: Gays Against Groomers and the Call for a National Divorce

A movement has sparked and accelerated to the forefront of our society’s tipping points. There’s Gays Against Groomers, who just less than one year ago were banned on Twitter for the use of the phrase “groomer,” after the word had been barred from use per the guidelines the previous month. GAG Founder Jaimee Michell appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the group’s mission and claimed to have been banned for the “third time in three months.” The goals of the organization are simple and clear:

A 501(c)4 organization of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+

The cyclical suspension incidents occurred before Elon Musk purchased the platform and loosened the noose on free speech. Now GAG’s Twitter account boasts 3335,000 followers. 

Another movement took flight, calling for a national divorce from the LGB to the TQIA+. Lesbian, Gay, and Bi-sexual all describe sexual orientation and same-sex attraction. Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual are not terms that describe same-sex attraction. That’s just what words mean, which is hard for progressives these days.

Many gay and bisexual people do not want to be associated with the debauchery of the other parts of the forced-together “community.” They don’t support medical procedures on children with lifelong consequences. They don’t support vulgar, provocative sexual performances for children. They don’t necessarily accept the tenets of gender theory, often admitting while some people can choose to present and live as the opposite gender, this doesn’t make them biologically so or necessitate them winning trophies in women’s sports.  

The Growing Alphabet: Clear Divides and Increasing Acronyms

Aside from clear divides amongst… actual gay and bi people… and the other alphabet folks in value systems and social agendas, the “umbrella term” is getting cramped as additional letters seem to appear out of nowhere. Have you seen 2SLGBTQIA+ yet? That’s the addition of “two-spirit.” What about the somehow not-exhaustive acronym LGBTQQIP2SA? No, I didn’t make that up. They threw Pansexual in there.

If we divorce actual gay people from whatever else they want to associate being homosexual with, it will leave the room so they can add plenty of other fetishes and conditions.

A Satirical Proposal: DRAG-NUNS-MAP-FUR-PUP-TOON-DEM-BOTS+2STQIA for Sodom and Gomorrah

They can get the drag nuns a letter, make it a government ceremony at the Church of Satan, or something. After all, drag isn’t an orientation or being transgender in itself, it’s just a costume, so they don’t even have their very own letter yet after all that damn makeup and paving the path to hell in glitter. This commentary is specifically directed at the fake nuns, the other queens who still perform for adults are going to need their own letter so as not to be conflated with blasphemous nuns, obviously. 

Eventually, pedophiles, whom they already soften as “minor-attracted persons,” aka MAPs, will need “representation,” right? And, per the videos I’ve seen of this month’s pride marches, we need to make way for all those puppy dog-identifying bitches, I mean trans-animal-sexualists.

I still think we have left out the furries, which, unfortunately for the people who didn’t intend on it becoming a cesspool for targeting kids, have found themselves in their stinky mascot gear amongst creepier folks than anticipated. I’m not sure why people who only get aroused by anime or cartoon-attracted, robot-attracted, or blow-up-doll-attracted people don’t get a letter.

Baseball Pride Nights Religion
AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File

It’s not about being gay anymore; it’s about having taboo fetishes, identifying as things, and voting the way you’re ‘post to.

I propose DRAG-NUNS-MAP-FUR-PUP-TOON-DEM-BOTS+2STQIA. That should cover it…for a while.

The Need for Distinction: Recognizing That “Gay” Isn’t “Queer”

Of course, I’ve pitched the merits of the divorce as an opportunity to evolve into the Sodom and Gomorrah society such enthusiasts seek because I’m fairly certain it takes self-centeredness to cast away principles of free speech and public decency in front of children to land yourself on the rainbow aisle. Meanwhile, the real subcontext is that some people are just gay and, by default, shouldn’t be categorized with people who have other interests — and often agendas that integrate children into a sexual realm.

Some people want to have equal access to health coverage, not be discriminated against in jobs and housing, have the state government make them pay a fee to license their union, and be able to exist peaceably in society like everyone else. 

It has never been more evident that “gay isn’t “queer” and that the TQIA+ has little to do with sexual orientation, nothing to do with same-sex attraction, and everything to do with ideology. California’s legislators proved that Ric wasn’t political-ideologically qualified to be in the rainbow commons. And since that is the case, the Democrats and TQIA2S+ should sign the divorce papers and stop riding the coattails of the LGBs claiming that all this nonsense is what it means to be gay. No, being gay means you’re gay, and that premise will stand on its own… fabulously.

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