Clark County, Nevada: What to Expect With Election Results

Clark County Registrar of Voters gives press conference November 9, 2022 (Credit: KTNB)

The Clark County Registrar of Voters, Joe Gloria, provided an update around noon on Wednesday. Clark County is the most important county in Nevada, but not the only county to keep in mind as election results come in. 


What has been counted so far are the early voting in-person votes, early voting mail ballots, and in-person election day votes. Those exclude 5,555 provisional ballots, where the voter’s eligibility needs to be approved by the Secretary of State. Provisional ballots are all cast on machines, in-person, mostly due to same-day registration or a voter has moved into a new district, so a change of address was applied or they need to show proof of residency to vote there. For clarity, none of those 5,555 provisional votes are mail-in or drop-box, paper ballots. Statutorily, provisionals must be counted by Monday, November 14, after the county receives a report from the SOS regarding eligibility. The earliest we will see those numbers is next Tuesday, but likely on Wednesday. 

Also excluded are 5,396 ballots that need to be cured. Ballot curing is when there is an issue with the ballot, like if the voter did not sign the envelope or there is a rejected signature. While ballot curing operations are underway (usually along partisan lines) the number will continue to grow as the county receives more mail ballots with signature or other issues. 

The mail ballot numbers are a bit more confusing. And, we don’t know what to expect to receive from now until Saturday, November 12, which will be counted so long as they were postmarked by election day.


The mail received today, Wednesday, is reported to be 12,700 ballots. Those will start processing tomorrow. 14,718 ballots were received as Monday and Tuesday’s (election day) pickup from USPS and will be counted today.

Later today, we will find out the number of ballots received from Monday’s haul of drop boxes. There was no voting after Friday until Tuesday, so a Monday haul of ballot boxes is still “early voting,” and for partisan breakdowns, I am putting it under “in-person” for prediction purposes, meaning people physically went to a polling location, which favored GOP. My vote was cast on Friday in a drop box and has not been counted yet. Gloria said there were a considerable number of votes from election day drop boxes, which should also favor the GOP based on registration turnouts. We had over 300 ballot dropboxes and are awaiting the number of ballots cast.

So, we have an unknown number of ballots remaining, Gloria expects the highest volume of them to be mail ballots, and, as noted above, will count 14,718 ballots today.

Gloria outlined the schedule for the county:

  • Thursday: processing USPS mail and the cured ballots.
  • Friday: same thing
  • Saturday: last day to receive mail ballots 
  • Sunday: TBD 
  • Monday: last day to cure ballots
  • Tuesday: TBD, last day mail ballots can be counted
  • Wednesday: provisional ballots
  • Thursday: canvassing work, preparing for certification
  • Friday: canvass/ certification happens in Clark County Commissioner Chambers at 1:30 p.m.

So, hurry up and wait from Nevada, and no apologies are being offered by the county, either. That’s just how it is here. The analogy I have given so far is that we are now in overtime, and this is the coin toss. You cannot call the game while the coin is in the air, but once it lands sometimes you can. We are waiting for many races to see if it lands heads-up. 


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