Former First Lady Melania Trump Is Bullied by Media...for Saying Nothing

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Former First Lady Melania Trump is an absolute fashion icon. Mrs. Trump stunned Americans as FLOTUS in attire that called back the impressions of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Mrs. Trump always carried herself with grace and dignity even while the mainstream media critiqued everything from her accent to her Christmas decorations. This isn’t just a fashion appreciation piece, but I’ll take any opportunity to look at Mrs. Trump’s wardrobe… just like the FBI did when they raided Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump
AP/Reuters Feed Library
AP/Reuters Feed Library

While current First Lady Jill Biden leaves much to be desired in the fashion department, from her fishnet-style stockings paired with black booties and a leather-trimmed skirt to an ill-fitted seersucker tunic thing, the mainstream media has still focused their criticisms on Melania Trump. My RedState colleague Jim Thompson wrote about this contrast recently in a piece titled, “Forget Melania Trump, Madam First Lady Doctor Jill Biden Is a Fashion Trendsetter.”

I’m not saying First Lady Jill Biden never looks good; that would be shallow and not fair. What I am saying is I’ve never been purchasing a dress for an occasion and told a department store stylist that I want it to give Jill Biden vibes, but I have cited Melania as a muse. I am also pointing to a disparity in coverage. Jill Biden’s infamous stockings were covered as a “head-turner” that everyone should go out and purchase while Melania Trump was criticized for investing in quality items, like a Hermes handbag known to hold its value. TIME once called the Birkin bag a “better investment than gold.” No brownie points for Melania’s savvy shopping though, but go get yourself some random nylons.


If one was to foolishly click on that article, it never tells the reader where FLOTUS Jill Biden’s stockings came from. Instead, it pretends Americans have not mastered using a search engine and randomly lists patterned stockings on the market, including finds on Amazon. As for Melania? There are no “get the look for less” fluff pieces. Just commentary on how pricey her handbag is.

While the media has shelled out plenty of criticisms of Melania, this time she is under fire… for simply not saying anything. While former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social in the days following the raid at Mar-a-Lago to reveal that the FBI left his wife’s closet in shambles, the former First Lady is, per usual, more reserved.

CNN reported Tuesday that Melania Trump is “mum” on the Mar-a-Lago search while they published quotes from anonymous sources purporting that Melania having her personal effects being rummaged through caused some level of annoyance. Run the presses! This just in: Melania Trump prefers personal privacy over federal agents in her closet!


The CNN report goes on to portray Melania Trump as being more concerned with her things rather than the implications of the FBI’s investigations. It also notes the media has reached out to Melania Trump for comment and failed to get a response. That’s because the former First Lady doesn’t want or need to comment on the matter. Why would she? That’s what lawyers are for, anyway.

Of course, Mrs. Trump following the common-sense advice that would be given by any competent representation — or thinking adult for that matter — is painted to mean she is calloused, a bad wife, and selfishly only cares for her own endeavors. The only anonymous quote that seems to perfectly describe the former First Lady reads:

“She’s private, and she’s protective of her son and her home.”

Melania Trump’s most remembered initiative as FLOTUS was her “Be Best” campaign.

Melania Toys for Tots
Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

“Be Best” focused on three pillars: children’s well-being, online bullying and safety, and the dangers and impacts of opioid abuse. During her time in the White House, FLOTUS Melania Trump was very vocal and passionate about protecting children from online bullying and caring for their mental, emotional and physical health.


While former First Lady Melania Trump continues a private life focused on her family, the media will not give her peace. They should take the messages that she has put to the public and the legacy of her Be Best initiative to heart. In her final address as First Lady, Melania Trump encouraged Americans to choose “love over hatred, peace over violence.” Instead of publishing wild stories bullying Melania Trump based on rumor, silence, and speculation they could… Be Best.


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