AUDIO: Leon Wolf Talks Dallas Shootings on Milwaukee Radio

On Monday, editor-in-chief Leon Wolf joined Michelle Litjens and I on AM620 WTMJ to talk about his thought-provoking essay on the cultural causes and pressures that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement and led to the violent clash in Dallas late last week. Michelle, a former state representative, and I occasionally fill in for noted #NeverTrump talkshow host Charlie Sykes on Wisconsin’s largest AM talk station.


You can listen to the interview below.

While Milwaukee has – thankfully – not seen anti-police violence or the same kinds of mass protests that have at least temporarily crippled other American cities and suburbs, tensions between the minority community and the Milwaukee Police Department swing between skeptical and suspicious. In 2012, 7 Milwaukee police officers were stripped of their badges as a result of extraordinary body cavity searches that they were not authorized to conduct. In 2014, a Milwaukee officer shot and killed an unarmed African American man. The officer was never prosecuted for his actions but his employment with MPD was terminated.

Conservatives need to understand that as champions of limited government and Constitutional liberty, blindly siding with law enforcement without criticizing the few who are bad actors is incompatible with our philosophy of civil society. Just as total anarchy and violence against law enforcement represent extraordinarily wrong ways to solve the challenge of law enforcement interactions with the communities they police, so too is glossing over very real issues that plague some departments or some officers.



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