The #1013Bomb

The liberal majority in Congress is in meltdown. The New York Times reports that no Democrat seems safe any more. Raul Grijalva is endangered. John Dingell might be defeated. Even Barney Frank’s constituents are waking up. In New York, Hinchey, McCarthy, and Maffei are in trouble. Each day brings a new story of a longtime incumbent who’s suddenly facing the strongest challenge of his (or her) career.


On a macro level, all the indications are that we are in for a seismic shift in Congress. The generic ballot continues to show America rejecting an extreme agenda.  The Hotline is talking about an ‘epic bloodbath’ that will make 1994 seem like ‘a walk in the park.’ And even some in Congress are starting to recognize that their baseless flailing could well backfire.

At no time in memory have conservatives had such an opportunity to deal a crushing blow against statism.

But with just a few weeks left until election day, this is no time to back off. If Congress is to reverse the disastrous course that the Obama administration has set us on, we will need every possible conservative vote. We have seen that the opposition is tirelessly committed to expanding the power of the state at every opportunity. In the effort to stop their momentum and reverse their course, we should spare no effort. No liberal should be left in office who can be defeated.

The good news is, there are more of us than there are of them. We only have to show it. And we have to show that with our time, our effort, and our dollars. If you have time to spare – even just an hour or two – get involved with a get out the vote effort. And if you have some dollars to spare – even $10 or $20 will help – find a conservative candidate you want to support, and make a donation. This is your last chance to do your part before the election, so get involved.


If you can donate, and if you are on Twitter, please join Erick, Lori, Tabitha, Michelle Malkin, Ginni Thomas, Dana Loesch, Tammy Bruce, and many others for the #1013bomb on Twitter tomorrow evening – starting at around 8:00PM Eastern time. We will be making donations to our favorite candidates, and encouraging others to do the same. This is a ‘moneybomb,’ with a twist: we’re not asking you to donate to one specific candidate. We’re asking everyone who is fed up with the direction of this administration to donate to someone who opposes it. Don’t think you can’t help; there are lots of us, and fewer of them. Please sign on to Twitter Wednesday evening, use the #1013bomb hashtag, and let us know who you will be supporting.

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